9 Proactive Ways to Fill your Airbnb Calendar
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9 Proactive Ways to Keep your Airbnb Booked & Profitable. 

Fill your calendar with these proven strategies. 

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Getting more bookings and filling up a calendar always seems to be a guessing game with hosts. I hear the same complaints all the time... Hosts complain that it’s too “slow” and their “calendar is empty.” One of the top questions I get is:

“How can I fill my Airbnb calendar? My bookings are low!”

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There are a number of factors that come into play when filling your Airbnb calendar; dropping the price is a last ditch effort to get “perishable inventory off your shelf.” I don’t want price gouging to be your #1 strategy for filling your calendar. You need to focus on proactive strategies you can implement ahead of time in order to attract more guests. 

Download this eBook to learn the 9 ways you can get ahead of the game to ensure you will have a solid calendar at top dollar. 


Nathan Rice

Hello! My name is Nathan Rice and I'm the founder and instructor of The Airbnb Course. I’ve been hosting successfully on Airbnb since 2015. After experiencing two major setbacks, job loss and my home flooding in the same year, I needed to figure out a way to earn income and a way to pay for additional expenses from the flood. I can say that hosting has been a life changing experience for me, not only financially (although that has been great), but also for my personal growth. My goal is to help others like you start a successful hosting journey so you don’t have to struggle for answers like I did in the beginning.  

I hope to be a part of your hosting endeavors and be able to help you become a profitable and successful Airbnb host.  

Happy hosting,

Nathan Rice from The Airbnb Course

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